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PalmentuinPalmentuin (Palm garden) is a landmark in Suriname for decades. Palmentuin has a history on it's own. Located right behind the Presidential Palace. This Nature park filled with Palm Trees is one of the favorite hangouts for Locals. Historically The Palmentuin was part of the Presidential residence where Former Dutch Governors came to rest after a hard days work. Later in time became public and was separated from the Presidential Palace and remain so till now. Palmentuin is famous for it's wonder of Palm Trees inPalmentuin Upwards Look the middle of Dow town Paramaribo (The City of Smiles) and is witness to a lot of love making , for this place is known to be a hangout for those falling in love. Palm Garden is currently being renovated and will reopen for the public this month


So make sure you visit Palmentuin (Palm Garden)or visit other landmarks in Suriname listed in our Directory


Suriname Park of Palm trees