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Suriname WhitebeachWhite beach Suriname is a very popular recreational retreat in Suriname. It is located on along the Suriname river just an 30 minute drive south of Paramaribo. White beach Suriname has been setup in 2003 with the concept of providing Suriname with an alternative recreational location.

White beach has it name of the river beach which color is bright white. This beach is an artificial beach that was setup from sand from the interior of Suriname. Whitebeach also features tents, apartments and a Whitebeach pier and Sunsetalmost high class restaurant. Suriname does not have sandy sea beaches except for Galibi and Matapica which we can't use because we promised those sea beaches to the sea turtles. So  White beach is the best you will get when it comes to beaches in Suriname. 

Going to White beach is the least expensive in Suriname. a taxi drive will cost you about 30 SRD ,entrance fee 15 SRD and you can by foods and drinks at reasonable prices. Other activities at White beach are beach volleyball, (no surfing ;-)) , river tours to Jodensavanne from White beach or you can hire a water Water scooter in whitebeachscooter or boat to enjoy your stay there. Off course sun bathing, relaxing and swimming are the most common things to do at White beach. Typical tour to White beach will not cost you more then 200 SRD per person,

White beach is also famous for it's beach parties which is organized by third parties who hire off the complete vacation spot. Famous party's include Lustig events which attracts thousands of visitors.  Visit our events calender for more information 

So when your in Suriname don't forget to visit white beach for your typical, Sun, Sand  and beach vacation.isit more exciting destination by selecting from our tourism directory

White beach Suriname

Sun, Sand and Beach at its bests